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“We love ideas to bits”

This means: At Castle Knob, we love the process of turning intangible ideas into slightly-less-intangible bits, in formats that can be made tangible: books, ebooks, pictures, movies, sculptures, websites. Some of our projects are commercial, and some are for the private enjoyment of our friends. If you have an idea that you would like to see made tangible, contact us to learn how.

Buy Easy

The easiest way to buy Castle Knob books is through Amazon.com. Our products are always in stock and ship right away, and their purchase price can be applied to Amazon’s free shipping. The page for each of our books has a link directly to its product page at Amazon.com.

If you prefer ebooks, you can purchase them for Kindle, iPad or other readers from a link on each book’s page. You can also buy them for Apple’s iPad through the iBooks application, or through the Smashwords ebook service, in a variety of other ebook formats, compatible with practically any ebook reader or computer.

Buy More and Save!

If you want to buy multiple copies (as a reseller, or for your family, friends, book club, etc.), we can give you a discount and lower-cost shipping. Just send a message to [email protected], and tell us which title and how many copies you want, and we will reply with a price quote just for you.