Our History

Castle Knob was born in a story and a dream.

We began with a single story, Marie and Claude. We didn’t even have a dream of getting such a story published: it didn’t fit into the normal pattern for “standard” publishing. A novella-length manuscript of questionable provenance by a long-dead, unknown author had no prospects for a blockbuster book tour and a series of sequels.

The manuscript had been gathering dust for several years when we became aware of print-on-demand technology. Through a variety of online resources we learned about the promise of the technology to free publishing from the tyranny of the big publishers, and to make even the most obscure stories available to a public with broader tastes than the mainstream. Our dream was born.

In a surprisingly short time, Marie and Claude was prepared for digital printing. We quickly settled on CreateSpace as our POD supplier, primarily due to its association with Amazon.com. (CreateSpace is now known as Kindle Digital Publishing.) As you will see if you follow the links from any of our titles, all of our books are “In Stock”, just like the big houses’ titles.

Immediately after we clicked on the “Publish” button for Marie and Claude, another dream came up. Harry Arthur Gant’s memoir, I Saw Them Ride Away, was written in 1959; any hope of publishing it had long faded. Castle Knob quickly converted the old typewritten pages to digital format, and combined that text with some of the many pictures from his collection. Another dream was realized.

Since then, it has been one dream after another, each with its own story.

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We’re betting that you have stories to tell, and dream of seeing them in print or on ebook readers, or you know someone whose story is begging to be told. To find out how the process works, you can contact us at the following email address, or click the Attention! link in the menu above.

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